NYMagazine: A Talmudic Discussion of New York Scandals - Astor, Madoff, Spitzer, Weiner

In an issue dedicated to the scandals of New York City, New York Magazine has published a compilation of assessments of various experts of which of the four major scandals of recent times was the worst one.

It seems to us like a Talmudic exercise where the opinions of the twenty five "rabbis" are quoted, among them writers, politicians and others. The result is an aggadic compilation for our times - assessing the worst moral actors of the city in this context, "The last four years brought four first-class New York scandals, each epic, tragic, difficult to forget. But which will we still be talking about 100 years from now? We asked around."

Not to spoil it for anyone, in this NYMagazine Talmudic discourse on Astor, Madoff, Spitzer and Weiner, one gentile and three Jews, the hands down winner appears to be Madoff.

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