At Age 84, Elie Wiesel Bounces Back Again and Again

The Jewish Voice (a mysterious publication) reports,"At Age 84, Elie Wiesel Transcends Major Heart Surgery to Write Book on Near-Death Experience"

It tells us:
He has achieved legendary status around the world as a Jewish Holocaust survivor who was able to emerge from the darkest horrors and turn his life into a beacon of meaningful activity as a human rights advocate.

Yet at age 84, Elie Wiesel still has personal and professional mountains to climb – he recently underwent quintuple heart bypass surgery, and while still in the beginning stage of recuperation, he began writing a new book about his latest harrowing experience.

As he celebrates the publication of Open Heart, the 84-year-old Nobel Peace Prize laureate and prolific author contemplates his auspicious past and still-evolving present in the Manhattan office of his foundation, which is itself recovering from the financial devastation wrought by infamous swindler Bernard Madoff, who had invested the money financing its humanitarian ventures. Wiesel’s personal investments were similarly ruined by Madoff’s Ponzi scheme...
We respect and admire EW. He embodies the best of a person's ability to bounce back from suffering, and continues to prove that even now as he recovers from financial and medical setbacks.

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