Rabbi Shmuley Proves Again that He is the Chief Rabbi of Congregation Public Relations

There is no questions that Shmuley Boteach has proven again beyond any doubt that he is the Chief Rabbi of Congregation Public Relations of our age in the USA.

"Hollywood star Sean Penn shines in 'Kosher Sex’ Rabbi Shmuley’s over-the-top gala - West of Eden Israel News," reports the Israeli newspaper Haaretz.

The rabbi bestowed many "awards" at the Second Annual Champions of Jewish Values International Award Gala 5-18-2014.

Chemi Shalev gave mixed reviews in Haaretz to the rabbi saying things like this, that the event,:
...was as preposterous at times as its long name implies: When Boteach tearfully called up eight of his nine children to present the first award of the evening to his wife Debbie “so sure of herself she needs no spotlight”; when past and present beneficiaries of Sheldon Adelson – who hosted the evening together with his Birthright co-sponsor, Michael Steinhardt - showered him as well as each other with hyperbolic superlatives and over-the-top awards; or when the evening’s main attraction, New Jersey’s Republican Governor Chris Christie, tried to make amends for his original sin of saying “occupied territories,” only to forget to mention Israel at all...
Preposterous or not, who is to say? I admire the rabbi for his enormous overall success in the media and for his tireless genius in the realm of public relations.

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