Free Sunday July 8: The Kindle Edition of "Whence and Wherefore: The Cosmological Destiny of Man Scientifically and Philosophically Considered" by Zev Zahavy

At Amazon.com -- Free this Sunday July 8 from Talmudic Books the Kindle Edition published June 1 in honor of Zev Zahavy's sheloshim, thirty days after his passing. This book was originally published by my dad in 1978.

Whence and Wherefore
The Cosmological Destiny of Man Scientifically and Philosophically Considered 
An Analysis Relating to "In the Centre of Immensities" by Sir Bernard Lovell


This important book explores the possibility that science and theology may harness their energies in a unified endeavor, and thereby assume a creative role of leadership in formulating a meaningful outlook for a bewildered, aimless society. A new power structure of science and theistic existentialism can serve to direct man along sensible paths of behavior, particularly since civilization now stands at a crossroads wherein the whole cosmological destiny of the human species appears to be at stake.

The analysis of the cosmic drama is offered in two sections. First, through a studious essay by the world-renowned astronomer Professor Sir Bernard Lovell, who directed the famous Jodrell Bank Astronomy Laboratories in Cheshire, England, there is presented an explicit elucidation of the cosmological problem. This comprehensive survey is then subjected to a thought-provoking transitional examination by Professor Zahavy, adding thereto an original, theistic existentialist exposition.

In the first section, titled "Whence," Professor Lovell's essay "In the Centre of Immensities" calls to mind the sterling idealism of Thomas Carlyle, and it is used as a springboard to consider such intriguing topics as: man's eternal quest; the birth of a star; the human menace to mankind; the origin and expanse of the known universe; mysterious quasars; zero radius at the beginning of time; and man's total involvement with the universe.

In the second section of the book, Professor Zahavy proceeds to probe Professor Lovell's masterful essay, and he endeavors an inquiry beyond its scope of content. The second section, "Wherefore," engages in a consideration of some aspects of science and theology; the paradox of modern science; the plight of the particular; the limitations of man and science; and the eight levels of human existence that offer an existentialist delineation of the human problem.

About the Author

Professor Zev Zahavy, Ph.D., wrote extensively on philosophical topics, and he engaged in considerable research in the area of cosmology. He studied on the graduate level with leading American and British figures in the field of philosophy and religion. His variegated courses in the City University of New York ranged from a presentation of classical intellectual literature to an analysis of modern existentialism.

COVER PHOTO (Courtesy of NASA): A profoundly remarkable view of the Earth's sphere, photographed from the Apollo 17 spacecraft, depicts the geographic area from the Mediterranean Sea and the Arabian Peninsula down the entire coast· line of Africa to the Antarctica south polar ice cap. The Asian mainland is visible on the horizon toward the northeast. A heavy cloud cover extends along the Southern Hemisphere.

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