A Peace Prayer Proposal for the Warriors Francis, Shimon and Mahmoud

For when they meet, I propose a new Peace Prayer for the warriors, Francis, Shimon and Mahmoud:
Our Father, Avinu, Abana, Pater Nostra…
Who art in Heaven, bashamayim, al samawat, in caelis…
Hallowed be Thy name, Hashem, Allah, God…
Thy warriors come, Israelites, Jews, Arabs, Muslims, Catholics, Christians;
We all have said, "Thy kill be done on earth," and we blame it on the will of Heaven.
Give us this day a respite from our daily blood;
and forgive us our atrocities, as we have committed them against each other.
Lead us away from the temptations of belligerence, arrogance and triumphalism,
and deliver us at long last from the evils of our eternal conflicts. Amen.

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