Kinnot Kinnos Elegies for Tisha B'Av free from Reuven Brauner

My colleague Reuven Brauner writes:

Tomorrow night is Tisha B'Av and that means the saying of Kinnos, the special poetic elegies composed for this most tragic day.

Most of the Kinnos are very difficult to comprehend, even for someone who knows Hebrew, and short of having a very good translation, they are virtually unintelligible.

To somehow alleviate the problem, I present my "Keynotes on Kinnos" which has been running on the wonderful site www.halakhah.com for your perusal and downloading.

I have lots of other material there, including the Reformatted Soncino Talmud.  That's free, too.  I think you will find it all to be educational, interesting and very useful. 

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