Screwed Up Slate Editor: Proud of Being a Blogging Ignoramous Bible Commentator

Slate blogs the Bible. By David Plotz: "Blogging the Bible What happens when an ignoramus reads the Good Book?"

Mr. Plotz, Slate's deputy editor, recently stumbled upon a Bible and opened to Genesis 34 where he found the truly bizarre tale of the rape of Dinah.

Simon and Levi Avenging the Rape of Dina by Andrew Aarons

And so he decided to read the Bible and blog about it on Slate.

Boy is this guy screwed up.

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Anonymous said...

Well, this is proof positive that an "unmediated" ignoramus' reading of the Bible makes about as much sense as an "unmediated" ignoramus' reading of Linux source code. The difference is that the normal ignoramus would quickly abandon the latter enterprise, assuming that he is reading nonsense, while this EXTRAORDINARY ignoramus -- because presumably he feels capable of critiquing anything written in his native language -- blithely forges ahead, exposing his foolishness to the world. Of course, being so extraordinary, I suspect that he will assume that anyone with a bit of knowledge on the subject is the real ignoramus!