Ridiculous Star Tribune Example: Obama Faith Based Plan Dangerous to Orthodox Jews

An example makes no sense as it stands at the end of the Star Tribune article about the Obama plan, Obama would expand on Bush faith-based plan. He would prohibit religious bias in hiring to guard church-state separation. By MARGARET TALEV and WILLIAM DOUGLAS, McClatchy News Service.

I believe I know what they writers intend to say - but they sure don't say it. And what kind of editor would let this through?
"The reality is an Orthodox Jewish group ceases to be Orthodox if they have to hire atheists or Southern Baptists," Towey said. "What Senator Obama is saying is groups will have to secularize if they play ball with government and receive federal funding, and that flies in the face of what many small groups want."


John D. Enright said...

You obviously didn't read the article thoroughly. The part you criticize is a direct quote from Jim Towey, a former director of Bush's faith office who's now the president of Saint Vincent College in Latrobe, Pa. You said "what kind of editor would let this through?" Answer: a good editor. Only a bad editor would change a direct quote.

On the merits, Obama’s plan requires faith-based organizations to shed their faith-based character. How Orwellian. The Obama version of "faith-based initiatives" receives BO's support only if the "faith" part of it is redacted. Just more Obama double-speak.

Tzvee Zahavy said...

i agree with you on this one - BO seems to be foggy on this initiative