Our new cover for our Kindle ebook "Kosher Prayers"

We happily promote the publication of the new cover of the Kindle Edition of Kosher Prayers, our ebook anthology of texts from the Talmud Yerushalmi Berakhot on the topic of prayer, $4.99.

Friends told us we needed a more distinctive cover. Psst, better buy it quick. We keep raising the price.

And here is a description of the contents: The ancient rabbis had rare wisdom concerning how to talk to God in prayer. The Talmud of Land of Israel in Tractate Berakhot presents many of the ancient rabbis’ discussions about Jewish prayers with particular attention to how to pray the major Jewish prayers, the Shema and the Amidah for the weekdays, Sabbaths and holidays.

Berakhot is the first tractate of the Talmud of the Land of Israel (Yerushalmi, Palestinian Talmud). It was composed in the Land of Israel at the beginning of the fifth century C.E. This book is the author's original English translation of the most pertinent texts about prayer from the first five chapters of that Hebrew and Aramaic compilation.
Here is the Table of Contents
Kosher Prayers
Yerushalmi Tractate Berakhot
Additional Reading
The Daily Morning Prayers
The Shema and its Blessings
The Amidah
Yerushalmi Berakhot Chapter One
Mishnah 1:1
The Right Time to Pray
What is the right way to stand and pray?
The Bedtime Shema and the Demons
Juxtaposing Rituals I
The Early Shema Reciters
Mishnah 1:2
The Shema’s Early Light
Juxtaposing Rituals II
Interrupting Your Life to Recite the Shema
Interrupting Your Studies to Recite the Shema
Mishnah 1:3
Proper Positions for Reciting the Shema
Mishnah 1:4
Why Recite the Blessings of the Shema?
The Ten Commandments are in the Shema
History of Liturgy I
Why Not Recite the Ten Commandments Every Day?
History of Liturgy II
The Blessings for Torah Study
Precedents for Exigent Circumstances
There are Long and Short Blessings
Blessings and Bowing
Praying During Praying in an Undertone
How Now to Bow?
Questions about Blessings that Begin with Blessed
One Who Erred While Reciting a Composite Blessing
Mishnah 1:5
Practices for Reciting the Exodus at Night
Mentionings in the Morning Shema and Grace after the Meal
Mentionings in the Messianic Age
Yerushalmi Berakhot Chapter Two
Mishnah 2:1
Intention for Reciting the Shema
The Protocol for Reciting the Shema
The Duration of Disruption in Rituals
The Purpose of Interrupting
Mishnah 2:2
Rules for Tefillin
More Protocols for Praying
Mishnah 2:3
Important Enunciations
The Logical Order of the Hallel Liturgy
The Logical Order of the Amidah
More on the Order of the Amidah
Focus on your Prayers
Mishnah 2:4
Focus on Praying for Householders and Workers
Focus when Praying with your Purse
Yerushalmi Berakhot Chapter Three
Mishnah 3:1
Mishnah 3:2
Protocols for Conflicting Rituals and Recitations
Mishnah 3:3
Religious Exemptions of Women, Slaves and Children
Religious Obligations of Women
Conundrums about Women’s Obligations
Other Proxy Recitation Conundrums
Various Notions about Prayer in Filthy Locations
Mishnah 3:6
Yerushalmi Berakhot Chapter Four
Mishnah 4:1
Precedents of Prayer
Derivations of Prayer
Limits of the Time Frame of Prayer
Derivations of the Time Frame of Prayer
Precedence among Prayers
Calculating the Time of Prayer
The Closing Prayer on Yom Kippur
Prayers on Coinciding Holy Days
Torah Readings on Coinciding Holy Days
Bending the Time Frame for Sabbath Prayers
Political Upheaval over the Evening Prayer
Mishnah 4:2
Prayer Versions of the Rabbis
Mishnah 4:3
Derivations of the Amidah of Eighteen Blessings
Derivations and Contents of the Amidah Variants
Mishnah 4:4
Variety in Praying
Duplication in Praying
Mistaken Praying
Digests of Praying
Insertions in Praying
Derivations for the Locus of Praying
Mishnah 4:5
Mishnah 4:6
Orientation for Praying
Mishnah 4:7
Protocols for the Additional Prayer
Repeating one’s Prayers
Yerushalmi Berakhot Chapter Five
Mishnah 5:1
Creating Serious Contexts
Redirecting Consciousness by Contemplation of Laws
Postures and Protocols of Praying
Protocols for Prayer in Synagogues
Concentration for the Amidah
Mishnah 5:2
Praying for Rain
Erring in Praying for Rain and Dew
Stories about Praying for Rain
Protocols for the Prayer of Division
Formulas and Rules for the Prayer of Division
Mishnah 5:3
What Makes the Formulas Heretical
Protocols for Replacing the Faulty Leader
Mishnah 5:4
Reciting Amen in Synagogue
Prerogatives of the Priests
Mishnah 5:5
Prayer as an Omen
Now that's a lot of eTalmud!

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