New Year's Greetings and Free Books and Monographs from Reuven Brauner

Our collaborator Reuven Brauner writes...

Dear Everyone - Shana Tova to you all.
I am pleased to announce that www.halakhah.com (thank you Rabbi Dr. Tzvee Zahavy!) has just uploaded several new and updated monographs which I think you might find interesting and useful.   I hope you enjoy them.  Please feel free to print them out, distribute them to your friends, and send this post to everyone you know.  Help spread Torah!

1.     Totzaos Chayim
Laws of Visiting The Sick, Death and Mourning, by Dr. Seligmann Baer.   This is my translation of this classic  mid-19th century work (originally printed in Hebrew with German facing pages) covering this most important issues.  A very comprehensive little book, the author notes that it sold some 5000 copies – surely a best-seller in those days.  It is replete with prayers, laws, blessings, instructions, and many homiletic Agaddatos which were customarily learned in the house of mourning.
Interesting is that there is no mention of several customs which have become widespread in recent years, to wit, the learning of Mishnayos in the house of mourning (although he does say that this is good to do in the home of one who is ill), covering the mirrors, and not wearing the shoes of the deceased.  See how things have changed.
Hopefully, we will be presenting the Hebrew original, with some editing, on the site very soon, too.

2.     Rabbi Shimshon ben Raphael Hirsch’s Philosophy of Judaism
This has been available at www.613etc.com for some time, but now, with some updated graphics it is also on halakhah.com.  This is a compilation of a variety of short quotes from Rav Hirsch arranged by subject, as drawn from Rabbi J. Elias’ translation of Hirsch’s Nineteen Letters.
Hirsch was a genius, an original thinker and a real zealot for Torah-true Judaism constantly battling for authentic and traditional Jewish thought and practice.  This little work of ours is merely a tiny drop into his vast pool of ideas and concepts; just something for you to taste before, hopefully, you will partake in his banquet of amazing wisdom found in his large library of published books and articles.

3.     Shimush Pesukim Second Edition in English, and now also in Hebrew
A Comprehensive Index to the Liturgical and Ceremonial Usages  of Biblical Verses and Passage
I did a little more editing of this work, adding, modifying, correcting….the usual stuff.  And, it is now in Hebrew for those who prefer it and prefer to see the prayers and blessing in a more familiar, and not transliterated, form.
This is, as are many of our works, unique.   Hopefully, you will find it useful, interesting, and maybe even surprising.

4.     Synopsis of the Elul and Tishrei Selichos Piyyutim
Been out for a while, but I just wanted to remind you that it’s a great companion work to your usual Selichos book.   Short, compact and to the point. 

5.     Order  of the Avoda of the Kohen Godol on Yom Kippur
My first monograph.  Now in bright colors and a jazzy appearance.  Yom Kippur was never so exciting.   Something of a minor classic, I would like to believe, this booklet just lays out the KG’s Service in the Temple, step by step, in a most easy to comprehend manner.
Now, you actually can understand what he was doing all day!

Finally, just come and visit – and bookmark as a favorite –http://halakhah.com/indexrst.html  and www.halakhah.com for the only online, complete Soncino Talmud in English, in the old and new two-column formats – and it’s free.  Look around, too, for lots of other great reads there.
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