Top 3 Religion Stories: Interfaith Talk Impossible; Forgive Lennon for his Boast that Beatles Bigger than Jesus; Have Sex for Seven Days

Sex, Drugs, Rock and Roll.

It's been tough keeping up with all the breaking religion news this week.

Here is our breathless list of the top three stories juxtaposed and with comments interposed... and they are real stories, not things we made up...

1. Vatican forgives John Lennon for “more popular than Jesus” quip. (Reuters)

Yes, they forgive him because he was just boasting - and yes the all time boasting rock stars know just how to forgive.

2. Confusion over pope's letter saying interfaith talks impossible. (Reuters)

Pope says interfaith talk is impossible. Interfaith Rabbi says, say it ain't so Ben, that will kill my business. (Yeah, I know, this is not actually about drugs, but if you have ever sat through interfaith talks...)

And finally, 3. Pastor’s Advice for Better Marriage: More Sex. (Times)

From Grapevine, Texas comes forth the Torah of Rev. Young preaching seven days of sex, he calls it whoopee. Philip Roth laughs. We ask, Nonstop?

And your comment is....

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