The University of Frozen Euphemisms

Remember the joke about the woman who told the rabbi after the sermon that she really liked his words but couldn't he just be a little less harsh and refer to those rules as the "Ten Suggestions"?

Really, using the phrase "hiring freeze" in Minnesota is not going to scare anyone.

This president must be awarded our blog's honorary doctorate in doubletalk, and it is better if we do it "sooner rather than later." We deemed our award essential before we decided it.

The StarTribune reports:
University of Minnesota imposes 'hiring pause'
University President Robert Bruininks said he's taking that temporary action to control costs "sooner rather than later." Under the hiring pause, all open positions must be reviewed and deemed essential before being filled.
PS: After the "pause" the U will go back to its regular non-essential hiring practices with no review required and no cost controls. Here, here, job well done!

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