Wired: Minnesota Used Bad Vote Counting Machines in Franken Senate Recount

The discussion in a Wired blog of voting technology shortcomings is a cause for great concern for those of us rooting for Franken in Minnesota.
Undecided Minnesota Senate Race Used Machines that Flunked Accuracy Tests

Voting machines that recently failed pre-election accuracy tests in Michigan are at the center of a disputed U.S. Senate race in Minnesota that hangs in the balance over fewer than 500 votes at press time.

Minnesota Republican Senator Norm Coleman is leading Democratic challenger, and former Saturday Night Live comedian, Al Franken by less than half of 1 percent in a race with almost 3 million ballots cast. The narrow margin will trigger an automatic recount under Minnesota law.

But recent claims by an election official in Michigan indicate that the model of voting machines used statewide in Minnesota failed to record votes consistently and accurately in Michigan...continued

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