Pope Benedict on Bishop Williamson's Antisemitism: "I know Nothing"

EWTN reported the Vatican's statement, what the Pope knew about the Bishop:
...the prelate's viewpoint on the Shoah "was unknown to the Holy Father in the moment of the lifting of the excommunication."
We do not find credible Pope Benedict XVI's claim that he was ignorant of the antisemitic Holocaust denials of Bishop Richard Williamson.

Even so, let us accept the Vatican's claims at face value. The Pope didn't know. Nobody told him. He didn't see the video clips. He doesn't use YouTube or the Internet. But wait, the Pope publishes videos on that new fancy Vatican YouTube Channel. Hmm.

And we guess the Pope did not know about the Bishop's pet theories that were easily known about the 9/11 attacks:
A little more research also would have turned up an earlier lecture Williamson gave in which he rejects what everyone else knows happened on 9/11. It wasn't terrorists in hijacked airliners that brought the twin towers, Williamson says. No it was a series of planned explosions deliberately set... All the government explanations are nothing but "lies, lies, lies," he says.
Like Sgt. Schultz from the old TV series, Hogan's Heroes, we can hear the Pope saying, "I know nothing! Nothing!"

I was going to say, the Pope ought to do a better background check than that. But then I remembered all that stuff about the sexual predator Priests. And if you start doing background checks...just who will be left?

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