Is endurance swimmer Alex Meyer Jewish?

We do not know if endurance swimmer Alex Meyer is a Jew. We are looking into it.

But it's really of no consequence what his religion is to appreciate his dedication to the sport of swimming, our favorite sports activity.

The Times has a long and eloquent article about Meyer and swimming. In it Meyer tells us,
...“My philosophy is, you have to have the right screw loose to be a good endurance athlete,” he said. “You look at the best ones, they’re crazy.”

Meyer, 23, a former freestyle standout at Harvard, established himself over the summer as the top American man in open-water swimming, performing well enough at the world championships in China to secure a spot on the 2012 United States Olympic team in the men’s 10-kilometer event.

Describing the appeal of the sport, Meyer said: “There’s something beautiful about man at his absolute breaking point. It hurts and it hurts and you keep pushing. Your body says no but your mind says yes.” He added, “It’s like a feeling of euphoria...more in the Times...
...More on Meyer

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