Safe for Tiger Woods - No Women Members at the Masters' Augusta National Golf Club

The most famous US golf tournament, and it is held at Augusta National, a club that does not allow women to join as members.

We call it a Tiger Woods safety zone.

Ian O'Connor in the Bergen Record:
...No, sameness isn't always a virtue at Augusta. Nobody here stands accused of being an overly progressive thinker, and the guardians of this all-male sanctuary won't make this tournament everything it can be until its membership goes coed.
Billy Payne, chairman, is moving toward that inevitable day when a woman is invited to join. He's taking baby steps in Hootie Johnson's wake, hoping to avoid embarrassing his Jurassic-minded predecessor any more than he has to...
[Annual repost updated for Tiger!]

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Talmudist said...

What a schizoid country; White House seder, yet no women at Augusta...