Boston Herald: Pope Benedict XVI Should Resign

It's not just some blogger saying this, it is a serious editorial by a columnist in the Boston Herald.
Why Pope Benedict’s got to go!
By Margery Eagan
The Pope should resign. He should offer himself up to authorities for prosecution, like the sacrificial lamb he’s supposed to represent here on earth.

Long ago he should have opened the secret church books on priestly abuse. He hasn’t. Courts finally forced that in Boston almost a decade ago and, oh, what horrors we found. Remember? The Vatican hierarchy then blamed our scandal on a decadent American culture. Now the same priestly disease has swept Ireland, Germany, the Netherlands, on and on across Europe and beyond. So was all the world, from the 1950s on, just one huge, decadent Gomorrah? Or was the Catholic hierarchy, from the ’50s on, run like an international crime organization aiding and abetting child abuse, then covering up its cover-up?

A few years back, former Oklahoma Gov. Frank Keating caused an uproar by comparing secret-keeping American bishops to La Cosa Nostra... more...
Maureen Dowd in the Times argues that the present pope should be replaced with a woman.

We wonder if the church were a business would its supporters claim it is "too big to fail"?

Odds have dropped to 6 to 4 at paddypower.com for those gamblers who want to bet on the pope's resignation.

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Theophrastus said...

I'm hardly an expert in Canon Law (I'm still working on Shulchan Aruch) but my understanding is that it is unclear that the Pope is able to resign.