Jewish Week: Rabbi Aderet Gone Wild in Great Neck

Rabbi Mordecai Aderet crashed a party of Persian Jews in Great Neck and all hell broke loose as reported in the Jewish Week, "The Curse That Rocked Great Neck," by Sharon Udasin,
...For Rabbi Aderet, the path that brought him to barge into the Great Neck home began earlier that December day, according to sources. He apparently heard about the upcoming party that morning at a brit milah, through friends of those hosting the get-together. Allegedly, the rabbi objected to both the mixed dancing that might occur at the private party and the idea that people would be celebrating on the night before the Fast of Tevet, which marks the siege of Jerusalem. A second supporter said the rabbi gave the hosts ample warning that he’d be stopping by to see about the mixed dancing. The hosts deny the rabbi contacted them...more...

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