Roasted Kugel

Something strange going on in the world of Jewish Studies (as if that was a new thing). The journal JQR has published several negative articles on the work of James Kugel (hence "Roasted Kugel"). And the professor was not given a platform to reply. So he posted a rejoinder on his own web site.

THE JEWISH QUARTERLY REVIEW, Vol.100, No.1 (Winter 2010)
  • Review Forum: on James L. Kugel, How to Read the Bible: A Guide to Scripture, Then and Now
  • Problematizing the Bible . . . Then and Now, JOHN C. REEVES
  • Two Introductions to Scripture: James Kugel and the Possibility of Biblical Theology, BENJAMIN D. SOMMER 
  •  The "Real Thing": How to Read How to Read the Bible, WILLIAM KOLBRENER
We have been critical of Kugel's work for years. But he is always welcome to post his defense here.

Hat tip to Menachem Mendel.

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