Betting Site: Yeshiva U Benefits from Obama Redistribution of Wins

Yikes. How dare they make my alma mater the butt of their humor! "Most inept" - indeed. And please, you really don't need to label it "satire" - unless most of your readership is in Minnesota.
(Satire) Obama Announces 2009 NCAA Tournament Stimulus Plan 

President Barack Obama has announced a stimulus plan for the 2009 NCAA Tournament. Under the proposal, the most successful teams will have wins removed from them and redistributed to the most inept squads.

At a rally to promote his plan, Obama told a citizen merely identified as “Joe the Face Painter” that the successful teams must “share the victories.”

The 2009 Big Dance brackets see Yeshiva College as the top seed in the Eastern Regional. The Reverend Jesse Jackson immediately demanded a boycott of all Yeshiva games noting that the school has no black rabbis on their staff....

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