US News Ranks Yeshiva U 9th Most Popular

With all the bad new lately for my alma mater Yeshiva University, it was nice to see the positive news that the school is ranked by US News the 9th most popular in the nation, ahead of (other) highly esteemed institutions like Brown and Columbia. The bigger story in this list is that the Mormon school BYU is ranked #2.
Most Popular Colleges: National Universities

So which colleges do students really want to go to? One way to find out is to look at a school’s yield, the percentage of applicants accepted by a university who end up enrolling at that institution in the fall. The figures in this table are from the fall 2007 entering class and show the admit yield and overall acceptance rate. If a school has a high yield (a large proportion of those admitted enroll), it means that the school is most likely very popular with a top reputation and that the students are highly motivated to go there. A very low yield means that the school could be a “safety” or second choice for many of those who apply. Colleges use yield as a key factor in determining how many students they need to admit each year.

Harvard University (MA) 1 9% 79%
Brigham Young University--Provo (UT) 113 74% 77%
University of Nebraska--Lincoln 89 62% 71%
Stanford University (CA) 4 10% 70%
Massachusetts Institute of Technology 4 12% 69%
Yale University (CT) 3 10% 69%
Princeton University (NJ) 2 10% 68%
University of Pennsylvania 6 16% 66%
Yeshiva University (NY) 50 69% 65%
University of Florida 49 42% 63%
Columbia University (NY) 8 11% 59%
Brown University (RI) 16 14% 56%

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