Updated: Use the Vulkano iPad or Android App to connect to your Hava Titanium HD TV Device with WiFi

The company that makes the Hava TV place shifter has discontinued that model and come our with the Vulkano, an HD upgrade with several models.

We were bummed out to learn that there would be no support or update for the Hava... until we happily discovered by chance that you can download the free app for the Vulkano for an iPad, iPod or Android device... and you can log in and it will pick up your Hava feed and display it on your device.

See more about the iPad app and android app and other players here.

From December 2009:

Didn't get what you wanted for the holidays? Try this neat device.

Mandatory Joke. No, they do not have a Hava Nagilah model.

Update (August 09) - the Hava people have a viewer for the Sprint Palm Pro (or any Microsoft Mobile device) and so we can now watch our home cable feed on our new phone - from anywhere. Now that is a slick invention.

Our original post on the "Hava Titanium HD TV Device - WiFi" - noted that it could have been titled, "How to best watch MSNBC's Keith Olbermann on your PC while writing your blog posts"...It cost us $99 for a refurb unit (looked new to us) from Hava via Amazon.

Update (August 09) on Olbermann v. O'Reilly - the Times discusses in the business section  (and Frank Rich continues mentioning it) whether or not Keith and Billo have buried the hatchet under corporate pressure. They say not and we sure hope not. The daily drama of the two of these guys going at it - well it was stimulating enough for us to spend time and money to expand our access to the broadcasts.

It took us one hour to install and configure Hava.
That's an actual picture from our desktop...See the neat remote - click, it works. It does allow you to watch your home TV source from anywhere. We tried it in the office. No problem.

And you should see how tiny the remote looks on the Sprint Microsoft Mobile Palm Pro phone!

Worked great. Here is part of the manufacturer's Product Description...
The Monsoon HAVA Titanium HD WiFi lets you extend your home theater experience within your home and beyond! Now you can wirelessly stream your live TV over your home network, and watch and control programming from your HD video source on any PC or mobile phone... With WiFi built in, there are no ugly cables to worry about and setup is a breeze.

By connecting your HD video source to the HAVA Titanium HD WiFi, you can wirelessly stream live television to multiple PCs and other WiFi devices around your house using your existing 802.11g wireless home network. You no longer require TV connections and set-top boxes in each room. While streaming live wireless TV at DVD-quality, multiple users can watch, pause, rewind, fast forward or record the same program independently and simultaneously.
This is one great invention.

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