USA Today Faith & Reason: AntiSemitism and the Gifford Shooting - with link to Tzvee

The USA Today Faith and Reason blog discusses antiSemitism and the Gifford shooting - with a link to Tzvee's Talmudic Blog (link for "Jewish Women", third indented paragraph, is to this blog...).

Jewish Giffords' shooting suspect: 'No! I don't trust in God!'

We read the story early today but missed the link.

We are praying for her speedy and complete recovery.

Hat tip to Joseph for catching that link.


Richard said...

For the past three days, everyone is trying to read something into the presumed "motivations" of Jared Loughner. Not to state the obvious but it seems to me that this young man simply exhibits all the signs of a paranoid schizophrenic. The real crime is that no one in his entourage did anything to get this person institutionalized before he went on he went on his killing spree. And based on the news coverage, there were plenty of indications that this man was unstable.

Richard said...

This story gets weirder. I can't verify the accuracy of these rumors, but according to one source, the would be assassin is Jewish.


Based on Jared's rants about NASA, it would appear that these murders are motivated by a personal fixation on Congresswomen Giffords and her marriage to a renowned astronaut.