Was the Lubavitcher Rebbe the Messiah?

Was the Lubavitcher Rebbe the Messiah?

Maybe. It depends.

If you look at the top of the page of this article on the official Chabad Lubavitch website, it has a banner that says, "Long live our master, our teacher, our rabbi, the messiah king, forever!"

But if you look down below at the article on the page, published today, you find the question and answer on the topic of, "Why hasn't Moshiach come yet?"

Confused? You should be. He was, he wasn't.


Theophrastus said...

The official Lubavitch web site is chabad.org, not chabad.info.

tzvee said...

well what do you know! another orthodox con job. will wonders never cease. just a shade misleading and dishonest, enough to confuse some of us who should know better. in any case it does not change the internal contradiction on the page. the top still says the rebbe is the messiah and the text still says the messiah has not come. anyway, just maybe the reason the messiah has not yet saved the world is because of orthodox misleading dishonesty...