Top Ten New Names for Conservative Judaism

Reports are that there may soon be a new name for Conservative Judaism...
NEW YORK (JTA) -- The leader of Conservative Judaism's flagship institution said the movement is debating a name change.

Arnold Eisen, chancellor of the Jewish Theological Seminary, made the comment ... saying that the "leading candidate right now" is the name "Masorti," the Hebrew word for "traditional," which is the name Conservative Judaism goes by in Israel and other countries outside of North America.
A friend sent us 10 other suggestions for a new name for the movement:
10. Not too Meshuggenah Judaism
9. Not too Goyische Judaism
8. Liberal, Not Conservative Judaism
7. You-Can-Eat-Swordfish Judaism
6. Kosher-at-Home Judaism
5. Camp Ramah was Great Judaism
4. Our Grandparents Were Orthodox Judaism
3. 2nd or 3rd Movement to Ordain Women Judaism
2. Just-Right Judaism
...and especially for Starbucks lovers...
1. Grande Judaism
For a story and discussion of additional serious and humorous suggestions, see here.

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