Update: Hits for Tzvee in Google Print ...up to 420

Update: the hits for us in Google Print are up to 420.

10/14/07: Search for us at print.google.com and you will get 189 hits. That's my books and publications and the number of scholars in Google's corpus who have made reference to my publications.
What is Google Print?
Google's mission is to organize the world's information, but much of that information isn't yet online. Google Print aims to get it there by putting book content where you can find it most easily - right in your Google search results.

How does Google Print work?
Just do an ordinary Google search. When we find a book whose content contains a match for your search terms, we'll link to it in your search results. Click a book title and you'll see the page of the book that has your search terms, along with other information about the book and "Buy this Book" links to online bookstores (you can view the entirety of public domain books or, for books under copyright, just a few pages or in some cases, only the title's bibliographic data and brief snippets). You can also search for more information within that specific book and find nearby libraries that have it.
Nice to know that serious people read your work.


Anonymous said...

"Nice to know that serious people read your work."

Thank you for calling me 'serious.'

Anonymous said...
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Tzvee Zahavy said...

obnoxious insults will be deleted

Anonymous said...

Not only serious people.