Times Magazine: The Coming Publication of Carl Jung's Red Leather Big Book Liber Novus

We like the fact that the cover story in the Times Magazine today is interrupted in its paging in the printed edition by the second story (The Right Way to Pray? By ZEV CHAFETS).

And here we were reading both with utmost care and wondering how it is possible that we could be any more current since we are teaching Jewish prayer (at the Jewish Theological Seminary) and employing as some of our interpretive methods concepts drawn from Jungian psychology (archetypes and the collective unconscious)...

It's a tantalizing must read article about the prospect of the publication of an enigmatic work by the great psychologist Carl Jung.
The Holy Grail of the Unconscious
What the unearthing of Carl Jung’s Red book is doing to the Jungs and the Jungians (and maybe your dreams)....
No, Carl Jung was not a Jew. The record is mixed on his attitude toward Jews -- some say in a number of respects he was an anti-Semite.

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Todd Laurence said...

Personally I think the "red book"
is a waste of time. Some years ago,
when I finally realized what Jung
was really about, I decided to
concentrate on his final conclusions about archetypal reality.
The Big question is, -
What is God? ... .... ....
O.K., the next question, Have I
experienced anything that would
indicate another dimension of
reality? That I can answer; see
my blog for details....

Oh yeah, Jung did indicate his
final conclusions, in a

"man has need of the word, but
in essence number is sacred."

New York