Crunchgear: Amazon and Bezos Grovel in Apology Over their 1984 Deletion

If you recall not long ago because of copyright infringement issues, Amazon deleted some copies of 1984 from customers' Kindles, without first telling them!

Now our friend John Biggs at Crunchgear informs us that Amazon's Jeff Bezos has been a busy beaver, sending out groveling apology emails and offering to restore the books and customer notes - or - send them $30 as a gift certificate or check.

This is the American way. You own up to your mistake, you apologize and you compensate the victim - in this case at about three times the original out of pocket costs.

Friends - are you listening? You apologize and you compensate - with currency if that is what the victim wants. Do you understand? Are you listening? We are waiting.

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