Zev Chafets in the Times: The Right Way to Pray

Let's just say that Zev Chafets has written a timely story in the Times Magazine for the coming issue on the topic of the hour in our religions in America. Love that graphic.

He is mixed up about the subject and it shows in his article. He should come and take our course on the daily Jewish liturgy at JTSA this semester. We'll get him straightened out.
The Right Way to Pray?

The Brooklyn Tabernacle, a 3,500-seat evangelical prayer palace in downtown Brooklyn, was built in 1918 as one of the largest and grandest vaudeville houses in North America. It is still a hot ticket. Its youngish, racially diverse congregation packs the pews each week to praise God and bask in the sounds of a Grammy-winning 250-voice gospel choir. But the tabernacle is more than just a popular church. It is also a destination for evangelicals from all around the United States and beyond, laymen and ministers alike, who come as acolytes to study prayer.

“Prayer is like other activities,” the Rev. Daniel Henderson told me when we met at the tabernacle the week before Easter. He was visiting Brooklyn with a group of seminary students from Virginia. “You learn from people who are already good at it,” he went on. “The people who pray at the Brooklyn Tabernacle are committed. Praying with them is an education.”...more...

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Tito Tinajero said...

I did love the article and made think about how we miss the direction of prayer. I fleshed it out my response.