Blogger Asks Why Pope Benedict Supports the Durban II Hatefest

Damian Thompson at his UK Telegraph religion blog asks, "Why is Pope Benedict supporting the UN's 'anti-racist' hatefest against Israel?"

Here, here. Indeed his reference is to the pope's enthusiasm for the upcoming and rapidly disintegrating United Nations conference on "racism" in Geneva, Durban II. He says,
With respect, Holy Father, it's not an opportunity to fight racism; like the disgusting fiasco in Durban in 2001, it's an opportunity for African dictators and Jew-baiting Islamists to fulminate against Israel and the neo-Nazi, anti-Arab hordes that are sweeping across racist Europe, while dismissing any trifling Muslim assaults on other faiths as Islamophobic myths.

I wonder if the Vatican is sending any bishops to Geneva. I can think of one who'd feel at home there, can't you?
Well put, and just when we were just thinking we hadn't seen a reference to British Catholic bishop and Holocaust denier Richard Williamson for a few days.

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Richard said...

I have to say that there is something insidious about cloaking anti-Semitism under the guise of a UN conference on racism. At least the Nazis had the honesty to be openly hostile in their perverted and warped rhetoric. Today we are forced to suffer the likes of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad spouting his usual badly veiled vitriol, all in the name of a “repressed” people; a man who would throw the Palestinian Arabs under the bus at the first opportunity. Anyone with a shred of intellectual honesty should boycott this freak show. Clearly that does not include the Catholic hierarchy.