David Holzer's book "The Rav: Thinking Aloud"

My son brought me a gift that he purchased in a book store in Monsey NY today - David Holzer's new book "The Rav: Thinking Aloud" subtitled "Transcripts of Personal Conversations with Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik."

We studied with the Rav for four years when preparing for my ordination at Yeshiva University.

After turning the pages, we can say with certainty that this book is in a class by itself. We have heard that it is causing quite a stir in the modern Orthodox community.

On page 53 for example we get some insight into the Rav's "cooking." We are told that he liked to eat sour cream and cottage cheese mixed together (so do we and it was a big favorite of my mother) and that the Rav cooked his own scrambled eggs.

The book is printed is large type on glossy paper. It is well bound and professional in appearance with a nice cover.

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