Silly Newsweek List of Top Rabbis Gets an Even Sillier Commentary from Jeffrey Goldberg in the Atlantic

That Silly Newsweek List of Top Rabbis gets an even sillier commentary from Jeffrey Goldberg in the Atlantic: An Annotated Guide to America's Top Rabbis.

The difference - Goldberg intended to poke fun when merited.

Update (4/17/2009): Steven I. Weiss on the Huffington Post agrees with us...about the value of the list and we commented now on his post:
yes the newsweek exercise was silly, the result was demeaning to many hard working and sincere pulpit rabbis and academic theologians in the American Jewish community who are not self-promoting celebrities. it would have been totally okay if the list were the "50 top celebrity rabbis" - and i mean this truly - there is nothing wrong with being a celebrity rabbi. just be clear that contrary to the superficial newsweek mentality, celebrity is not the same thing as influence in our society.

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Henry Frisch said...

Goldberg closes by promising a list of dumbest Jews. May I suggest he list himself near the top?