Do you need a Kindle to read the Free Sample Chapters of God's Favorite Prayers?

No, you do not need a Kindle to read the free sample chapters of God's Favorite Prayers by Tzvee Zahavy in seconds. And you do not need a Kindle to read the full Kindle Edition in seconds.

Indeed, no Kindle Device required here, just get yourself a free app. We have a Kindle. But we read most of our e-books on our iPad Kindle app.

You can read any Kindle book or book-sample on one of Amazon's Free Reading apps for PC, MAC, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry or Android Phone. You can move your Kindle books around to different devices at any time with the Amazon Whispersync technology.

Of course you can buy a Kindle, or here are your links to the free apps for so many devices and computers.

Take your pick, and pick your app: iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, PC and Mac.

Welcome to the brave new world of God's favorite e-books!

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