Time to end the George Washington Bridge toll

It's time to end the George Washington Bridge toll altogether. The bridge needs to be free.

Give us back the tolls and really, we will create jobs.

The Bergen Record reported that there is a plan to raise the toll on the bridge by $4.

Toll hike? Hell No! That is not what we want or need.

No tolls. None. Take the toll booths down! Do that and we will hire a gardener and window cleaner. Real jobs creation, not  the phoney jobs that Republicans promise while they stash away billions of dollars offshore. We will hire real people to do real jobs in Bergen County NJ.

Just take the toll booths on the GWB down!

Thank you for listening to our real rant.

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L'Shmoah said...

Take a way tolls and then maybe they will tax your water (that both your gardener and window washer would use). And you would never see anything for the taxes. They will line the pockets of our fat cat politicians.