Update: Sad Report of the Passing of Minnesotan Leo Hurwicz, Winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics

Leo Hurwicz passed away Tuesday night just months after winning the Nobel Prize for Economics. The Star Tribune obituary reviews his accomplishments including something that I did not know, "He was on the platform committee of the 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago."

Here is a repost of my congratulatory blog of 10/16/07:

About 20 years ago I was sitting on an intracampus bus near the library on the West Bank campus of the University of Minnesota. It was a typical Minnesota winter day - 10 below zero and snow on the ground. The bus was about to pull away when I saw University professor of economics Leo Hurwicz run up and ask the driver something from the curb. The driver answered but Leo looked puzzled. I knew Leo from various committees and functions on the campus, and I liked and respected him and his work. After a minute or two the driver closed the door and left Leo standing at the bus stop in the cold and snow. At that moment I remember thinking to myself, "This brilliant professor who cannot decide which bus to take will surely win the Nobel prize someday."

So now he did win it at the age of 90 - the oldest to win the prize. Congratulations Leo on a well deserved honor.

Listen here to the cute interview with the Nobel representative on his notification of winning and go here to read the Times story, Three Share Nobel in Economics for Work on Social Mechanisms


Unknown said...

yep, if there is anyone left by the econ committee for yrs and not been honored for his achievements, its leo.
great nobel. the debt stands paid!

John D. Enright said...

I read about him when he won the prize, and I knew of him before since I think Game Theory is pretty slick. Did you notice the irony of the Nobel Foundation's interviewer's name, being Adam Smith, called to interview the Nobel Laureate for Economics? How great was that?

I'm happy that his genius was recognized during his lifetime, even if it came so late.