Shalem Center to Become a Liberal Arts College in Israel

According to a PR release emailed to me:

Klarman Family Foundation, George and Pamela Rohr Pledge $1 Million Each to Help Launch Shalem College
Two generous commitments of $1 million each have been made in support of establishing Shalem College by the Klarman Family Foundation of Boston and by George and Pamela Rohr of New York. These generous gifts are part of a campaign recently launched to attract the seed money needed to lay the groundwork for Israel’s first liberal arts college. Shalem College will offer top students from Israel and the Diaspora a unique core curriculum in the humanities and Jewish thought, modeled on the finest undergraduate institutions in the Anglo-American liberal arts tradition. By building Shalem College, the Shalem Center will be extending its intellectual community to include those students who will be the future leadership of the State of Israel and the Jewish world. Click here to read more about Shalem College.
Now P.S. I wish The Drisha Institute in NYC had followed this path years ago.

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