Talented Jewish Artists: Fay Grajower

Fay writes:

On the occasion of my exhibit, where the past meets the future, at the Galicia Museum in Krakow, Poland July 1 – October 31, 2008, I have produced a handmade Folio of limited edition prints. The installation is a mosaic wall of 108 mixed media works on wood, each 9.5 square inches. The works are inspired by old photos and stories of life in Krakow and Galicia pre-WWII. Each piece stands alone as an individual painting of a story, place, object or stone of memory that together form a revived world steeped in its past and as it looks toward its future.

Of the 108 pieces, 16 are reproduced on archival paper, true to size, signed and numbered. Several images from the Folio are attached for your review. All prints are suitable for individual framing.

Contact: GRAJOWERstudio 617-697-4492 www.grajowerstudio.com opening july 1 at the Galicia Museum where the past meets the future www.jewishfestival.pl/

[disclaimer: fay and I were classmates at manhattan day school]

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