The Joy of Firefox Add-Ons

I waited until the new version of my preferred Web browser, Firefox 3.0, was officially released. Then I tried it for a few days in the office. Now I have finally upgraded at home. It does some amazing things courtesy of the add-ons available for the platform. The graphic above shows my present set of add-ons.

Short takes. New for me, all-in-one-sidebar is great. PicLens is amazing but not yet perfected. A bit confusing in fact. Better Gmail is awsome. Answers is fun. Book Burro is a must have. Hebrew Calendar is an absolute must-have.


Anonymous said...

PicLens is awesome! Another add-on I like is the Web Developer toolbar.

Reb Yudel said...

I'll check them out. But I'm sorry you waited until FF3 was released. The Alpha releases a year ago were superior to FF2.