Responsa Database Site Recovers Quickly from Fire

Glad to hear they were able to get back so quickly. Fine work guys!

We would like to apologize for any inconvenience that occurred on The Responsa Project website recently.

Unfortunately on Friday (30, May 2008) afternoon a fire broke out in our offices and our servers and data systems were all lost.

We have already moved to new premises and with tremendous efforts managed to restore The Responsa Project Database and the Responsa Project website is currently up and running.

Coming soon…All our users will be able to enjoy a sophisticated subject index – where the Responsa subjects are organized according to main and secondary topics, which will facilitate navigation between texts. Moreover, the Database will be updated with new books and sources, as we do every few months .

Thanks for your understanding.

Michal Ashkenazy - Marketing Manager- Jewish Databases
C.D.I. Systems (1992) Ltd.,
Tel. +972 2 5870112 # 7619.
Fax. +972 2 5870115.

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