(Updated) New Yorker: Rich Jew Adelson is a Misguided Meddler in Foreign Affairs

The JTA finally scores some publicity in New Yorker, cited as a source on page one of a highly critical article about Sheldon Adelson's ideological meddling in middle eastern affairs.

Hey JTA guys even after this mention - hire a PR firm like the one Agriprocessors just hired (Agriprocessors hires Snoop Dogg's P.R. firm to limit damage to its businesss) or the one that Yechiel Eckstein just hired (IFCJ) - nobody knows you exist. Get the word out!

And now as to Adelson, he's nothing more than a three-card-monte con man - writ extraordinarily large. He's made a life of taking other people's money, all the while creating absolutely no value in the world. The social ruin that his gambling empire has caused is not even estimable.

I don't want such a person who has no scruples about destroying families, communities and societies now escalating his meddling to destroy nations too. Especially when it involves nations that I care about like the US and Israel.

I admit that Adelson has every right to run for office or involve himself with those who run for office and arrogate political power to himself in the manner that other arrogant billionaires have followed in the past.

Yet, in a democracy we the people have the right and obligation to impede the efforts of the arrogant destroyers and to rally behind those good people who know better.

Last, according to Jewish law, a gambler's testimony is disqualified -- he has no credibility because his chosen path in life is based on deception.

Adelson disqualified by a life of deception. That sounds about right to me.

The Brass Ring: A multibillionaire’s relentless quest for global influence.

by Connie Bruck June 30, 2008

Sheldon Adelson’s Macao casinos have helped make him America’s third-richest man.

Sheldon Adelson’s Macao casinos have helped make him America’s third-richest man-->

Last October, Sheldon Adelson, the gaming multibillionaire, accompanied a group of Republican donors to the White House to meet with George W. Bush.
Well that is enough for me - a nauseating image. I can stop reading right there... You may want to continue...

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