Times' Alina Tugend Praises Ease of Self-Publishing

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The Times' Alina Tugend praised the ease of self-publishing in the Shortcuts section, "Options for Self-Publishing Proliferate, Easing the Bar to Entry."

What she missed in the article was one of the prime motives for an author to turn to self-publishing -- bad experiences with publishers. It's not the trauma of rejection that turns people off from the traditional publishing process. All creative artists know that "passing the audition" is not a given. It is the insult that many, if not most, publishers routinely and mindlessly add to the injury. We have found that publishers commonly offer vague responses, if any, and those that come take months to years to materialize. And wow, talk about idiosyncrasies. One well-known Jewish publisher refuses to accept emailed submissions. And when queried about his policies, he explains that on his desk, he has submissions ten feet deep, not even sensing the irony of his mannerisms. Another Jewish publisher has made a recent crusade of pleading poverty and seeking subventions, while at the same time tightening the number and genre of their new releases. You can't make money if you don't publish a bunch of books. Through their own arrogance and tardiness, the old line publishers are paving a highway to self-destruction, especially exacerbated now by the growing ease of self-publishing.

We recommend CreateSpace, an Amazon company, for anyone planning to self-publish. It's by far the best that we know of. It's common sense. Go with Amazon. Sign up for free and see what they have to offer. Publish your book with CreateSpace: get high royalties, low book prices, and expanded distribution.

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