Chilton: Was Jesus a mamzer?

Was Jesus a mamzer? Bard Professor Bruce Chilton discusses the question in an interesting article on the web.

He asks, "So why did some people accuse Jesus of being born of fornication (porneia, John 8:41)? Was it for the same reason he was called “son of Mary” in his own town (Mark 6:3) rather than “son of Joseph”? What emerges from both Rabbinic literature (supplemented by Origen) and the New Testament is that Jesus’ mother was clearly known and that the identity of his father was contested."

See the answers in the article here.

repost from 1/24/07


Anonymous said...

"What emerges from ... Rabbinic literature ... is that Jesus’ mother "

Are you sure the Talmud even talks about Jesus? See:


Tzvee Zahavy said...

Chilton thinks so.