Is Henry Paulson Jewish?

No, Henry Paulson, is not a Jew. He is a Christian Scientist.

Before he was appointed Secretary of the Treasury in July 2006, Paulson did serve as Chairman and CEO of Goldman Sachs (1999-2006), an investment bank that has had numerous Jewish executives over the years.

After he engineered the national financial bailout in September 2008, Newsweek proclaimed Paulson "King Henry" and put him on its cover.

His new book is called, On the Brink.


Anonymous said...

Christian Scientist? People don't want to know his religion. They want to know his ethnic origin. Is he semitic or not??? If he is a "Christian Scientist" with jewish roots. It's simple, no?

Richard said...

Wait a minute, do you mean to imply that the poster child of the secret International Cabal of Illuminati Jewish Bankers - aka Goldman Sachs - did not hire a Jew to be their Chairman and CEO? What is the world coming to? I thought that this was the last conspiracy that you could count on for some form of ethnic allegiance. I must be wrong. What a disappointment. Clearly Goldman Sachs has succumbed to the same Jewish perversions that plague the rest of our great democracy, i.e. selecting a man based on his merits rather than his ethnicity.

NoLiars said...

Henry Paulson's parents were Jews who converted to Christian Science. He was born to a Jewish mother so he's ethnically Jewish.