Is Tiger Woods Jewish?

Yes, Tiger Woods is a Jew by avatar. The Buddhist golfer has served as the avatar of former governor of New York, Eliot Spitzer, who is a Jew.

Film director James Cameron apologized on all the major networks on Friday for enabling the world's most awful politician Eliot Spitzer to enter the body of the world's greatest golfer and avatar Tiger Woods each night for the last several years.

Cameron said, "Tiger has nothing to apologize for. All the trouble Woods got into is my fault for allowing Spitzer to inhabit Woods' body."

Cameron enabled this to occur because for several years he has been shooting his next film, "Governor Golfer's Avatar Journey on the Titanic."

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Richard said...

I disagree with your assessment of Eliot Spitzer as the world's most awful politician. Personally, I liked him as a politician, although his personal life (like Bill Clinton's) took a sad and sordid turn. It is my belief that a person's sexuality and their inability to live up to the ideals we set for them in that department has very little to do with their qualities for governance. Americans are very quick to condemn sexual deviancy but are willingly able to accept outright criminal behavior - Dick Cheney comes to mind - an outspoken war criminal who is maritally very faithful.