Is Moishe House Kosher?

No, Moishe House is not kosher. The food there is not kosher and the co-ed living arrangements are not kosher.

That does not mean it's a bad idea. It might be a good concept to promote Jewish activities for young 20 something Jews. It's just not kosher. And the original Moishe might not be happy to hear about that.

The Times writes about Moishe House on what must be a really slow news day in a poorly-titled story, "The Four-Bedroom Kibbutz" (hat tip to Henry):
... Moishe House, a nonprofit group founded in 2006 to help Jewish 20-somethings create communities. Its model is simple: Moishe House subsidizes the rent of groups of three to six residents, in exchange for their promise to organize events for other Jews in their 20s. Just four years old, it now has outposts in 29 cities, including Beijing, Cape Town and Warsaw.

Picture “Real World” — the MTV series — with challah.

Moishe House is run out of a rented office in Oakland, Calif. Its founder and executive director, David Cygielman, who is 28, said that its budget, provided through donations, is now about $1.35 million, or “about that of a medium-sized synagogue, and for that we do about 225 programs a month.” ...more...

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