Video of The Olympic Yarmulka on Ice - Zaretzkys Ice Dancing

We are always moved by Israeli athletes in the Olympic games. It's a great source of pride, a symbol of the accomplishments of Zionism and the State of Israel in the world. In this video of the Zaretskys in the ice dancing competition you get a bonus. As part of his composite folk costume, Roman Zaretsky wears a yarmulka (kippah).

A very good friend commented, "This reminds me of the Thursday night years ago when I asked my future wife for the first time to skate with me at Sky Rink during couples only. I was wearing my kippah and (allowing for some embellishment in recollections over time) the both of us looked and skated back then just about like the Zaretskys did last night at the Olympics."

See the video here.

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