Good Grief - Google Buzz Goofed - Not

Mea culpa's galore tonight on the Gmail blog (which still has the tag line "Copyright © 2008 Google Inc. All rights reserved.")

The Gmail group apologizes that they lit up their Buzz social networking last week with too much chutzpah - turning on for users their followers and sharing their picasa albums and google readers - without asking them first.

Mega-corporation Google knows they own their services and by contract can do what they want. But they also know that users can walk away from them. So they played a game with Buzz and with us and we are sure it went exactly as planned. The little mock dramas, oops, we made a mistake, we worked hard, and we fixed it, all that does not ring true to us.

We think they "goofed" on purpose, got just what they wanted, millions set up on buzz without having to do a thing, many pages worth of publicity, good press over how "responsive" they were to "user privacy"... smart people over there at Google.

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