Haaretz - Court won't let Temple Mount group lay cornerstone of Third Temple

Haaretz - reports...
The High Court of Justice on Sunday rejected a request by the Temple Mount Faithful to place what the organization said was the cornerstone of the Third Temple next to the Western Wall, Israel Radio reported.
The chief rabbinate declared the Temple Mount off limits to Jews from day one after the reunification of Jerusalem. This was a courageous and incisive political and religious decision. They reiterated their ruling this year.

When Ariel Sharon went up on the Temple Mount in 2000 he had a goal -- to provoke a reaction and to exploit that situation to become PM of the State -- and he achieved his goal.

These TMF lunatics want to poke the Arab tiger in the eye and they cannot help but know that this could bring about a Jihad against the State of Israel. And their goal? I don't think these guys have any earthly reason to engage in this activity.

They are dangerous meshugganahs of the first rank.


Qatar bankrolls $6 million stadium for Arab Israelis

The Daily Star (Lebanon) reports: Qatar is giving $6 million to build a stadium in Israel for a popular Arab soccer team in a further sign of warming relations between the Gulf Arab political maverick and the Jewish state. 'Qatar has donated $6 million to build a modern soccer stadium in Sakhnin,' an Arab town in northern Israel, Ahmad al-Tibi told AFP...

Tibi said he would be "knocking at the doors of Arab capitals to urge them to show concern for the needs of the 1948-Arabs, like Qatar has done." He said the Arab community in Israel needs help to carry out health, infrastructure and cultural projects.

"Why do the world's Jews fall over each other to help the Jews in Israel while we don't ask for support from our Arab brethren?" he asked.


MK against Yom Kippur Ad Campaign

Shas Disgruntled...


Shas Party Chairman Eliyahu Yishai criticized MK Avraham Poraz's demand to put an end to the public funding of the campaign encouraging people to pray on Yom Kippur.

"Poraz wishes to eradicate everything that pertains to Judaism and tradition," he said.

"His war against all things that are traditional in character reveals his apparent ambition to become and anti-Jewish censor," Yishai said... more