CNN.com - Robertson warns Pennsylvania voters of God's wrath - Nov 10, 2005

Pat Robertson warns Pennsylvania voters of God's wrath: "In voting on Tuesday, eight Dover, Pennsylvania, school board members up for re-election lost their seats after trying to introduce a statement on 'intelligent design' to high school biology students."

Here we go again. These eight fine public servants were voted out.

Now Pat says that the Lord may punish the town. OOH how terrible. What a simplistic fundamentalist theology.

But wait. Isn't this just about the Deuteronomic view of history? Isn't it a prime theme of rabbinic theology. Sin leads to punishment, destruction, suffering, death. Doesn't that make the randomness of world events vanish? Specific sin to specific punishment.

Yes. Yes. And yes. So what is the fuss? I'm just surprised Pat did not specify the exact punishment.

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