Too Cool for Shul

North Jersey Bergen Record has a nice feature today -- a kind of stream of consciousness report on all things Jewish that are also hip.

It's at the clothing store: Cleverly designed T-shirts declare 'Moses is my homeboy' or ask 'Who's your rabbi?' Even the trendy clothier Urban Outfitters has gotten into the act with its 'Everyone Loves a Jewish Girl' tees.

And it's at the record store -- beyond Matisyahu, that is: the Jewish-oriented, New York-based label JDub Records, which put Matisyahu on the map, has a roster that includes the LeeVees, the band behind last year's 'Hanukkah Rocks' album.
Of course the reporter makes the basic mistake of confusing "Jewish" and "Judaic" -- he probably never took Jewish Studies in college.

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